Why You Should Hire Me?

Stepping beyond the conventional, I offer a synthesis of creativity, precision, and an unwavering focus on efficiency that transcends mere technical expertise. My approach marries innovative problem-solving with strategic resource management, ensuring that every project not only thrives on originality but also respects your budget, bandwidth, and well-being. With a history of transforming challenges into benchmarks of success, I am not just offering solutions but an entirely new perspective on achieving excellence. Let's redefine the parameters of what's possible, together.

In this journey of innovation, your vision and my expertise converge to create not just software, but legacies. As we navigate the complexities of technology together, my commitment to excellence, security, and sustainable growth stands as a beacon. With every challenge met with a solution, we not only achieve your goals but also set new milestones for what technology can accomplish. Let's embark on this path of discovery, where your aspirations meet my dedication to crafting the extraordinary.

Director of Development

As the Director of Development at Consumer 51, I seamlessly blended the roles of Functional Analyst, Solutions Architect, and Lead Developer, steering the company through a landscape of innovation and technical excellence to deliver robust software solutions.

Sensitive Software Engineering

During my tenure at Sandia National Laboratories, my work in sensitive environments, underpinned by clearance eligibility, showcased my adeptness at navigating complex security protocols to deliver innovative technology solutions with utmost confidentiality and precision.

DevOps Delivered

At Optomec, my leadership in DevOps revolutionized our deployment strategies and automated workflows, significantly enhancing efficiency and reliability in delivering state-of-the-art additive manufacturing solutions.


Over a Decade of Developments