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At Optomec, a leader in the field of additive manufacturing and robotics, I had the unique opportunity to harness my software engineering skills across a broad spectrum of robotic and production systems. Utilizing the .NET stack and Visual Studio, I crafted device drivers and developed architectural solutions that enhanced the flexibility and efficiency of our robotic systems.

Core Contributions and Responsibilities

  • Software Development: Leveraged Visual Studio to create device drivers and malleable architectural approaches, crucial for the adaptability and performance of our robotic systems.
  • Server Administration: Constructed and administered key servers including Jira for task management, Bamboo for build automation, Bitbucket for Git repository management, and WIBU licensing server for encrypted products.
  • Installer Production: Ensured the integrity of product installations, managing dependencies and use to maintain system integrity.
  • Support and Leadership: Provided extensive support to internal staff and clients, including onsite support, across a wide variety of project work. I took on both lead and supporting roles in multiple projects, demonstrating versatility and leadership in our engineering efforts.

Impact on Industry

Our work at Optomec has had a profound impact on various industries, including electronics, biomedical, aerospace, and defense. The additive and hybrid systems we developed are capable of up to 5 axes of simultaneous motion, alongside a managed deposition engine, setting new standards in precision and flexibility for additive manufacturing.

Decoupling MVC for Robotic Flexibility

One of my key achievements was the effective decoupling of traditional MVC models to benefit robotic and programmatic flexibility through advanced interfacing methodologies. This approach enabled more dynamic and adaptable system designs, significantly enhancing the capabilities of our robotic systems in responding to complex manufacturing challenges.

Legacy of Innovation

My tenure at Optomec was marked by a dedication to innovation, efficiency, and support. Through developing cutting-edge software solutions and managing critical infrastructure, I contributed to the advancement of additive manufacturing technologies that continue to shape the future of multiple industries.

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