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At Optomec, a leader in the field of additive manufacturing and robotics, my team and I achieved a significant breakthrough in enhancing the precision and cleanliness of our print engines. Our task was to devise a new printing procedure that would enable the print engines to start and stop printing more effectively, eliminating the issue of material scatter on sensitive surfaces—a common challenge in high-precision 3D printing.

Overcoming Traditional Limitations

Traditionally, stopping the printing process involved moving a spoon directly underneath the deposition head to catch any residual material. However, this method often resulted in satellites of material being scattered over the print surface, compromising the quality of the final product.

A Revolutionary Approach to Material Deposition

To address this, we developed an innovative approach that utilized lead-in and lead-out movement calibration. This method was based on accurately calculating the time required for the deposition material to start and stop, factoring in the motion profile of the print engine. By monitoring and calibrating the time needed to divert material flow, we were able to establish a “bombing path motion” for the print engine. This technique effectively kept surfaces clear of unwanted deposition material, significantly enhancing the quality and precision of the printing process.

Leveraging ACS Motion Controllers

The implementation of these specialized toolpaths was made possible through the use of ACS Motion Controllers. These advanced controllers allowed us to generate the precise movements required for our innovative printing procedure, ensuring that the deposition material was accurately controlled and that the print surfaces remained immaculate.

Impact and Legacy

This new printing procedure represents a leap forward in additive manufacturing technology. By solving a critical challenge in the printing process, we not only improved the quality of our products but also set a new standard for precision in 3D printing. This achievement underscores Optomec’s commitment to innovation and its role as a pioneer in the development of advanced manufacturing solutions.

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